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David Laboga

Guitar Cables – Special Edition David Laboga Cables

Regular price $80.00
“I use David Laboga cables because when I first tried them out I heard
a big difference in clarity and in the openness of my sound. I also had
years of putting up with unreliable cables. I’ve had the same set of
Laboga cables since 2004 and they still work perfectly and have never
let me down!” -Tommy Emmanuel cgp
The Tommy Emmanuel Special Edition cable is part of the
Perfection Series from David Laboga Cables.  For use with
all instruments and shipped in a special duster-bag, the cable
is available in various lengths and jack-options.
Cable measures 7 mm in diameter and the woven spiral-wound
design enables a high screening efficiency and decreases any
microphonic effect.

Double layer of protection for maximum life-span yet it is one
of the most flexible cables available.

Will not get tangled on stage and will not break.

Arrows printed on the jack indicate direction and ensure the best
sound.  All cables are soldered with the 4% fine silver content solder.
Jack plugs are Ultra High Clarity Gold Plated Plugs, and ensures the
very best connection and highest sound-quality.
a broken cable will be replaced!*
*Laboga Cable Guarantee – based out of Poland*

Length 3m (10ft), 4.6m (15ft), 6m (19.7ft)
Plug/Jack Option: Straight/Straight, Straight/Angle

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