Tommy Emmanuel
“Little By Little” Double CD (2010) AUTOGRAPHED

“Little By Little” Double CD (2010) AUTOGRAPHED

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Double disc album complete with solo acoustic tracks and special guest-artists.

Guests include:
Doyle Dykes, Dr. John Knowles cgp, Rick Price, Pam Rose, Anthony Snape, Victor Wooten, and the Endless Road String Quartet (Joanna Binford, Rebecca Kiekenapp, Julie Lastinger, Tina Simpson)

Tommy recorded a promotional commentary video for the album: (track listing below)

Track Listing

Disc 1:

  1. Half Way Home
  2. The Jolly Swagman
  3. Locomotivation
  4. Haba Na Haba (Instrumental)
  5. Tears For Jerusalem
  6. Waiting For A Plane
  7. The Fingerlakes
  8. The Welsh Tornado
  9. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother (with Dr. John Knowles cgp)
  10. Mighty Mouse
  11. Ruby’s Eyes
  12. Moon River (Instrumental)

Disc 2:
  1. Jack Magic
  2. Papa George
  3. Haba Na Haba (vocal, with Pam Rose and Victor Wooten)
  4. Tapestry (with Doyle Dykes)
  5. Mountains of Illinois
  6. The Tennessee Waltz (with Dr. John Knowles cgp)
  7. Countrywide
  8. Moon River (with Rick Price)
  9. Willie’s Shades (with Anthony Snape)
  10. Smokey Mountain Lullaby
  11. Guitar Boogie
  12. The Trails